Dam BATUTEGI Lampung as Indonesia’s Largest Southeast Asia

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The charm of this tour is located in village Batutegi, Districts Air Naningan, Tanggamus District, Lampung Province.  if you come from out of town there are alternative routes that must and must be known, firstly, if dropped at Radin Inten II International Airport, then you must to terminal Radja Basa Bandar Lampung City via airport transportation or car directly drop site to tourist site.

And the second if you via ships then from the Port Bakauheni guys ride bus majors Radja Basa.  And continue to ride public transportation Trans Bandar Lampung – Kota Agung and stop at Pulau Panggung Districts continued with rural transportation (angkot) as far as 20 kilo meters or also with travel vehicle directly to Batutegi Dam Tour Location.

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Throughout the journey from Bandar Lampung City to the location, you will be presented with a view of a vast expanse of rice fields and look beautiful when the morning sun rays accompany our journey.  Estimated trip we can take with 2 hours travel time from Bandar Lampung City.

And when approaching the location we are greeted with the cool mountain air and the winding road up and down the hills, nevertheless, the journey will not be felt because of the beauty that is very fascinating and soothing.

And.. came to our destination Batutegi Exotic Dam.

Batutegi dam has 16 km2 area and can accommodate up to 858,827 million m3, and during the dry season the water volume decreases to 687,767 million m3 is a combination of several large and small rivers and depths of up to 300 meters.

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Dam is said tobe the largest dam is Southeast Asia, in addition to the benefits are very large guys..  This dam is one of the Power Plant (PLTA) power supply suppliers in Sumatera Island, dringking water supply providers Bandar Lampung City and Metro City, is also the heart of rice fields in some of Pringsewu Regency, Central Lampung Regency and Metro City.

Batutegi Dam meets the needs of irrigation water rice fiels region:

  • Pringsewu
  • Central Lampung
  • Metro City

There we can see the boats of the fishermen who are catching fish.  The original nature adorns the eye as far as we see, the color of the water so clear it tempts us to plunge into it.

Even if interested friends can also hire a canoe to fishing or just sailing across the dam.

It is an experience that will not be forgotten if you can burn their own fish.  O yes don’t worry guys.. if you do not get a fish when fishing, around the dock there is a fisherman who sells fish and also provides a place to burn.  So for my Friends who have been to the area of Lampung so.. do not let the charm of this one Lampung passed.

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